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Forest School 2017/18

We are delighted to have been able to take part in a 6 week Forest School experience with Liverpool John Moore University. Class 7 went along to their Forest School site. Forest School is a process to enable the children to achieve and develop confidence and self-esteem through hands on learning experiences in a woodland…although for the children it is just great fun!

Tasks have included the children finding as many different leaves as they could and then identifying what tree they belonged to. They then chose our favourite leaves to do leaf printing and crown making. They were able to decorate their crowns with leaves, flowers, feathers and paint. 

They also had a week dedicated to den building. Whilst class 7 were just having lots of fun finding resources to make their dens and working out how to build their den to meet the challenge, all team members had to be able to stand up in the den and all members had to be able to lie down in the den, we watched them work together in teams. Communication was the key to their success as well as developing their negotiating and problem solving skills. There were a few hiccups along the way, but working through the process helped them to learn from their mistakes and all successfully achieved the perfect den. 

Whittling was a really enjoyable activity where the children used potato peelers to whittle sticks to make skewers. They were then used to at the end of the session to toast marshmallows…such a treat!

The children made tasty fruit boats. They put tinfoil in a boat shape and put fruit inside it and crumbled cookies on top and added melted chocolate and marshmallows. They then cooked them on the barbecue. Miss Bingham and Ms Igglesden even had some!



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'We do very good things. We use elastic bands, feathers, sticks, wood, rosemary herb and it is very peaceful and quiet as well. Every week at Forest School we have smores and its delicious. The whole class like Forest School, we do different activities every week'...Alicia


'At Forest School we collected sticks for our activity then we looked at different types of trees around us. Then we made either a picture frame, a floating boat or a bow and arrow. After that we had to decorate it with wood, elastic bands, feathers, pine cones and some rosemary. Then we had marshmallows and biscuits. I like going, it clams me down in the afternoon, also because I LOVED THE MARSHMALLOWS AND BISCUITS'...Danielle


'I love forest school because we go and sit and it is peaceful. I love the activities and the nature. It is lovely and peaceful. I love to discover the place and see whats creeping and crawling about. The best thing to happen is having marshmallows and smores. I love Forest School'...Isla


'At Forest School today we used wood to make boats, bow and arrows and picture frames. My favourite part of Forest School this week was helping others because I like to be kind and a good friend to others. Also, the absolute best thing is getting to toast our own marshmallows and have smores. I love Forest School'...Amy


'We made bow and arrows and sling shots and boats and picture frames. My favourite thing was toasting marshmallows with biscuits. We found different kinds of leaves. We learnt lots about nature'...Beniah


'Today at Forest School we made boats and picture frames. After that we sat near the fire. I like Forest School becasue we get to have marshmallows'...Harry 


'Forest School has fun activities and its calm and peaceful quiet. I made a bow and arrow with elastic bands and some branches that trees don't need anymore. We have marshmallows and biscuits and smores. It is amazing to have the privilege to go by Mrs Mason. Forest School is amazing. So good'...Izzy


'I made a bow and we roasted marshmallows in Forest School. I like Forest School because it is nice and relaxing and calm'...Dylan


'In Forest School we made small boats that actually float and for the sail I used a herb called rosemary. Then we made bow and arrows. Some people made frames but I didn't make one because it was hard. At the very end we ate marshmallows with two biscuits and I had 3!!!'...Jake


‘Forest school was amazing. We made tasty fruit boats. We put tinfoil in a boat shape and put fruit inside it. Then we crumbled cookies on top and added melted chocolate and marshmallows and cooked them on the barbecue. We used potato peelers to whittle sticks to make skewers. My favourite part of this week’s forest school was exploring the forest because you get to explore interesting things. We used logs for goals and we used different things to make a den. I really like forest schools because it is fun.’…Fred, Amelie, Daniel, Izzy