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Collective Worship

Autumn Term 2019 




To begin a new school year, we will be focusing on the Christian Value of GENEROSITY. The children will think about and reflect upon different aspects of generosity, including: giving sacrificially; giving our time; being generous and caring towards God's creation and celebrating all God gives us at Harvest. Our collective worships will be lead in a variety of ways: by our Y5 and 6 Worship Warriors; the Open the Book team as well as sung worship lead by Miss Wikeley.

The themes to be followed by Open the Book are detailed below.


What do we do in school in response to generosity?


  • We show our appreciation for pupil’s achievements through giving certificates and stickers to them and are generous in our celebration of this.
  • We show our generosity through our support to charities that we support and fund-raise for, including a local food bank 
  • We give generous thanks to God through our hymns and our prayers, this is genuine and not simply saying the words.
  • We learn to be generous towards each other in our words and in our actions.
  • We are generous in our welcome to people in our community who visit and help us. 
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Open the Book 

We welcome back Open the Book who bring the major stories of the Bible to life in their animated presentations. They will visit school each Tuesday to deliver Collective Worship.

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