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Childwall Can Do (2017)

Week 1

This week saw the start of an exciting new project in collaboration with Leonard Cheshire Disability’s Can Do programme and Childwall Abbey School. Can Do are offering community volunteering opportunities to the older pupils of Childwall Abbey who will be coming into school each week until Christmas. Stage one of the project has seen the start of a ‘Nurture and Grow’ project where planters are being built for an allotment area on the school field. Under the watchful of Mr McNicholas, the volunteers have started to build, install and paint 3 large planters ready for our children to take ownership and responsibility for growing and cultivating vegetables. This will form part of our outdoor prayer space and will encourage children to take care of, or ‘nurture and grow’, their own relationships with peers, family and the community within the value of Compassion. 


The project will then lead to three large art pieces being created and installed in the allotment area. Our Y5&6 children will work closely with Childwall Abbey’s young people to design and create inspiration outdoor art to support the values of the space. The young volunteers will be documenting the joourney in photo and film to be presented to the whole school community during the celebration event. We look forward to wathing this project grow over the coming months and the links with our British Values; Christian Values; Generosity theme and aim to achieve Zero Hunger across the world.

Week 2

Our Can Do project with Leonard Cheshire Disability and Childwall Abbey School continued this week and we saw the planters dug into the ground and filled with 5 tonnes of soil…no easy task, but everyone worked hard with the wheelbarrows and spades! Next week we will plant our winter vegetables…white onions; red onions; spring onions; a variety of broad beans and peas; radish; lettuce; spinach; rocket and cauliflower. These will then be passed over to our children who will keep a watchful eye and install netting and sticks as our seeds begin to flourish and grow.

Next week will also see Ian the artist come into school to start work with our Y5&6 children. He will be talking about different types of art and getting ideas for the art work that will be created and installed in the allotment area. Working with the young people from Childwall Abbey, our Y5&6 children will design and create inspirational outdoor art, and a hand tree for the foyer area. What better way to start ‘Nurturing and Growing’ our relationships with others.

Week 3

We have moved into the next phase of our project with Childwall Abbey School, as part of the Leonard Cheshire Disability Can Do project. We were joined by Ian the artist who has started to work with our Y5&6 children. Both year groups had an introductory session with Ian who talked about his love of art and how we would be using graffiti art for our outdoor artwork project. The children heard all about the use of spray paints and other materials to create bright and graphic art. Later, in small groups, the children were asked for their ideas for our piece of art and were helped by the children from Childwall Abbey who showed them some of their ideas.

Week 4

A busy Wednesday with our friends from Childwall Abbey and the Can Do project this week. We have planted our winter vegetables…white onions; red onions; spring onions; a variety of broad beans and peas; radish; lettuce; spinach; rocket and cauliflower. Here’s hoping to a bumper crop next year! We also started work on our ‘Hands Tree’. Every child in school will have a painted hand on one of our two hand trees, which will be displayed in school. A comment from one of the children was how they loved that the hands overlapped…‘it looks like the school are all holding hands with each other, one big family together’. I think that embraces all that we hoped to achieved! Alongside this, each child was asked to think of a word that they felt summed up the school and its values. It was great to see so many of our Christian Values featured amongst the chosen words; it was also lovely to see the introduction of some new ones such as Love, Caring, Helpful, Family and Kindness. The ‘Hands Tree’ will continue after half term and will run alongside the outdoor graffiti art project. We can’t wait to display the finished products.

Week 5

With Ian the artist back in school, our Y6 children have started work on the graffiti art boards which will be installed behind the planters. Working in small groups, and after a health and safety update, class 14 donned their masks, gloves, glasses and over shirts and got busy with the spray paint. Taking autumn leaves for inspiration, they sprayed their designs onto one of the three boards. Learning how distance would change their design and using special effects to add detail, phase one of the board was created. Next week will see class 13 take their turn and the hands tree project for our younger year groups will recommence.

Week 6

With class 14 taking autumn leaves for inspiration and creating phase one on one of the outdoor art boards last week, it was the turn of class 13 to graffiti art their board this week. Their theme was flowers and they each took to the boards with their chosen spray paints. Some great designs and techniques from all of the children really impressed Ian the artist. With special effects including drip, fading and speckling, we can’t wait to see the finished results! Our ‘hands tree’ project recommenced and saw our Y3 and 4 children add their prints to the tree under the watchful eyes of our friends from Childwall Abbey. Y2s will start their hands next week and class 12 will take to the graffiti art.

Week 7

We have leaves and we have flowers and this week class 12 created ‘nature’. Using a variety of green spray paints
they graffitied their way to create a nature inspired themed background. With some great ideas and advice from our
friends at Childwall Abbey the boards are coming on really well and on the 6th December class 11 will have their turn,
adding the chosen words to the colourful backdrops. Our ‘hands tree’ project continued and our Y2 and Y1 children
added their prints to the tree. Having chosen their colour, the Childwall Abbey children had great fun painting their
hands with lots of ‘it tickles’ and ‘it’s cold’! Next week will see the completion of the hand tree with our Reception
children taking their turn.

Week 8

It was all about the ‘hands’ this week for Childwall CE pupils as we finished off the ‘hands tree’ with our Reception children. The rest of our Childwall Abbey friends were busy putting together the photographs and presentation. With so much work that has been carried out over the past 3 months, this was no easy task. They are getting ready for our school celebration event in a couple of weeks.

Week 9

Our last week of painting took place this week. Ian, the artist, and the children from Childwall Abbey supported class 11 with the last of the outdoor art pieces. They will be unveiled to the children in next week’s celebration presentation; we are very excited! Our Childwall Abbey friends have been very busy putting together the presentation and reliving all of our adventures since September! There has been so much laughter and funny stories that they have even included a ‘funnies’ slide in the presentation.

Week 10

This week all of the hard work carried out by Childwall Abbey, Can Do and the children at Childwall CE was celebrated with a Collective Worship. The children from Childwall Abbey have been working hard on a presentation that was delivered to the school. This showed all of the work that has been carried out since the project started in September, from the planters to the hand trees and the unveiling of the outdoor graffiti art. It has been a great few months working together and we are delighted to have been able to secure two extended project days in January.

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Picture 7

'In our school we had teamed up with Childwall Abbey school to create wonderful trees and we are soon going to put Christian Value words on the hand trees.'


'Nurture references our school as nurture means take care of and that is what our school does. It tries its best to keep us happy and safe. If one of us is unhappy our teachers will do their best to cheer us up and that is why nurture describes us.'


'Students from Childwall Abbey school came in to help us paint these beautiful trees. We had so much fun.'


'They turned out colourful and vibrant and they are around school'.