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We now have a band system within our school meals which means each child gets their meal of choice, regardless of whether they are first or last in the lunch hall, and school can commit to reducing the amount of food wastage.

In the morning, when teachers take the dinner register, children can choose the meal they want and will be given a coloured wristband. A RED band indicates the hot meal, a GREEN band indicates those children who are vegetarian and require a vegetarian option, a YELLOW band indicates a jacket potato, a BLUE band indicates a meat deli sandwich, a BLACK band for tuna deli sandwich and a WHITE band indicates a cheese deli sandwich option. Numbers will then be sent to the kitchen so the correct numbers of meals can be prepared. The bands are then shown when your child collects their meal and returned to class teachers after lunch for the next day.


We also have an ORANGE band stamped with 'dietary requirement' for those children who have a specific dietary need e.g. vegetarian or food allergy in order that all dinner staff are aware. These are worn alongside the dinner choice band. 


The system and banding has been developed in consultation with other schools and advice from our food services suppliers.


School lunch menus can be viewed below to enable parents to see the variety of food offered and perhaps discuss options with younger children in advance. 


We have staggered lunch times in order to provide more supervision and extra space on the playground wherever possible. 

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Menu - with effect from 30th January 2017

Please see our new term lunch menu below. 

Free School Meals 

There are two free school meal schemes – Universal Infant Free School Meals and Income Related Free School Meals.


Universal Infant Free School Meals

If your child is in Reception Class, Year 1 or Year 2 they are entitled to a free school meal. This offer does not depend on your household income or whether you receive any benefits, but instead is funded by the Government following evidence that pupils who eat a high quality school lunch achieve better academically than those who did not. They are also more likely to make healthier food choices. Every child in infants is eligible to take up a free school meal. 


This could save you almost £400 a year for each child you have in infants and there is no need to apply as this is actioned automatically by school.


Income Related Free School Meals

If you live in Liverpool or Knowsley and receive a qualifying benefit you can claim free school meals and milk for your school-aged child.


If you are unsure whether you qualify for this:


Liverpool residents please click here and on answering some brief questions you will have an instant response to confirm your eligibility.


Knowsley residents will need to complete the form below and return to any One Stop Shop.

By applying for this additional benefit you will enable your school to receive additional government funding which is awarded for each eligible pupil to support their learning and education. This is awarded even if you don’t want your child to receive the entitled free school meal. Partly as a result of parents applying for this additional funding, our school received £31,200 last year. This is known as ‘Pupil Premium’.
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