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Skulduggery Pleasant

Author: Derek Landy

This book is great! It’s jam-packed with action and the characters are funny and likeable

It’s got lots of surprises and tension. There’s a whole series of them and the characters are funny and you can relate to things they’re feeling. Don’t  be put off by the cover, even though it is a skeleton holding fire. I recommend this book to year 5- because it does have some violence.

Hope you like it!-

Grace Holland, Class 12

Charlie and the chocolate factory

Author:  Roald Dahl

Illustrated by Quentin  Blake

By  Sam coltart

A boy called Charlie ,age 9/10, discovered a golden ticket to go to the willy Wonker chocolate  factory . He has an extremely awesome time which willy wonker he starts of poor and turns into a really lucky guy. After he stays for the longest out of the five other people who got the gold ticket. He wins a free life time of chocolate.

Tom Gates Yes!NO.(maybe...) by L Pichon
This is the latest book in the Tom Gates series. If you have read any of the other books you will know that they are highly amusing. This one is no exception. It is VERY VERY funny. Tom is finding it hard to make decisions about everything in his life, such as which cereal to choose for breakfast! So he starts asking the question "Yes? No? Maybe?". Tom then tells us all about the everyday things that happen to him but in a way that made me laugh out loud. I read it in a few days. If you want to read a book that will make you smile then this is the book for you...
by Alex Roberts (Class 12)


Book of records! (Football fact book) By Gabriel Schluter


I like this book because … it shows about a million facts! It shows me 7 different cups you can win in football. My favourite cup is, of course, the premier league! My favourite team is Everton .My favourite player is either Ross Barkley or Naismith. Just to add to this … I have I have seen the Everton squad!  This book makes the squad come alive in front of your eyes

This is my book review of "The Parent Agency" by David Baddiel:
The Parent Agency is a fun, exciting book bound to get you interested from the first page. This imaginative book is about a boy called Barry (cool name - not!) who is sick and tired of his parents. Following a dream he gets transported to a faraway land where he gets to pick his own parents from The Parent Agency.
How will he decide who the coolest parents are? Well, all the prospective parents have to organise a birthday party for him and he then gets to decide who he likes the best. This all sounds great initially and there are some truly hilarious moments as Barry visits potential parents but he starts to realise that maybe his own parents aren't so bad after all...
If you want a book to make you laugh out loud then this is definitely the book for you. Enjoy!
Alex Roberts, Class 12
Luc schluter,class12,year 5 .
Trash,Andy Mulligan 
Trash,is a exiting book it is as if you get sucked into a giant hole when reading this marvellous book!in this must have book there are three friends Raphael ,Gardo and rat and to be truthful they live like rats sorting rubbish in hope of something precious to sell ,little did they know trash would change their lives….they find something ,a miracle which is like a boat which keeps them afloat for a while until they find out it is someone else's….next thing they know  they are being ruthlessly hunted down by police . This book is a rated   4 star . Are police as kind as they are here? Find out!I highly recommend this book to age 8 +
Enjoy this wonder of a book !

Magic Ink by Steve Cole

Magic Ink is about this boy who finds some magic ink, and when his Grandad painted a pig the pig came to life and they had to save Merlin, the wizard. My favorite character was the pig, who is called Posho Pig, because he is really funny.
If you like action stories, comics and funny stories you will like this book. It’s a bit crazy.
Recommended age 6 and over.

Ben Evans, Class 12, Year 5

'Tiger Moth' by Suzi Moore


Tiger Moth is a wonderful book by Suzi Moore. It is about a girl called Alice and a boy called Zack. They meet when disaster strikes and Zack is forced to sell everything he owns. At first he hates the small seaside village with it's stony beaches until he meets Alice and finds the only sandy beach,Culver Cove. It's shrouded in mystery and as Alice and Zack delve deeper into it they realise that 'sometimes all you need is a friend.'


I extremely enjoyed this book and I recommend it to all ages from 8-12. It has no bad language in it. I think it portrays the value and need of friendship and family.

Grace Holland, Year 5, class 12

Wonder by R.J. Palacio.


This book is about a boy called August Pullman who has a facial issue and comes to school for the first time. This book tells of his hardships and friendships as he makes his way through the year and overcomes bullies. I also like this book because it is written from different perspectives, Auggie, his sister Via, his friends Jack and Summer and many more.


But there is another part of the book were the bad guy tells his side of the story. This part made me think that there is always two stories in bullying: the victim's and the bully's story. I like this book because it has one very clear message: Treat others as you would like them to treat you, even if they are different from you. This also is a message from Jesus so it is a extremely good book to read.


I hope you enjoy reading this book



Erin O'Connell


Hetty Feather is a book by Jacqueline Wilson. It has three books in its series; it goes Hetty Feather, Sapphire Battersea then Emerald Star. It is quite woeful but an amazing book and once you start the book, you can’t put it down! There are 394 pages in it so it is not short and if you are a keen reader it takes about 1-2 months to read. The blurb is not a real blurb, it says ‘Roll Up, Roll Up, for the amazing tale of Hetty Feather. Gasp as she is abandoned as a baby. Shudder at the hardship she suffers. Wonder at her search for her real mother.’ This is Hetty telling her devastating tale of her at the foundling hospital. Hetty was born in 1876 and begins life with a family in the countryside and grows up till 5 in the countryside cottage with her foundling brother Gideon and sweetheart, Jem. She is extremely naughty in the foundling hospital and gets punished severely. Do you think she will find her mother?