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Collective Worship

Autumn Term 1

3rd September 2018 - 19th October 2018



We start the new school year with Thankfulness as our Christian Value theme. Thankfulness has always been at the centre of the life and worship of God’s people. Under the Law of Moses, there were not only sacrifices for forgiveness, there were ‘thanks offerings’ as well. ‘Songs of thankfulness and praise...’ are at the heart of Christian worship. Thankfulness is directed towards God who gives and sustains life. Seeing the world as God’s creation underpins the way we approach everything in life, seeing it as a gift and not as a right.

What do we do in school in response to thankfulness?

  • We show our appreciation for pupil’s achievements through giving certificates and stickers to them.
  • We know that having food, clothes and lovely things is a blessing and not a right.
  • We show our thankfulness through our support to charities that help others who are not as fortunate as ourselves.
  • We give thanks to God through our hymns and our prayers, this is genuine and not simply saying the words.
  • We learn to be thankful for the skills of others and the ways in which they enrich our lives.
  • We give thanks to people in our community who visit and help us. We write letters of thanks.
  • We say thank you to each other and know that saying thank you is important and polite.
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Open the Book 

We welcome back Open the Book who bring the major stories of the Bible to life in their animated presentations. They will visit school each Tuesday to deliver Collective Worship.

Date  Value Story  Reference 
11th September 2018 Creation  This is Good! Gen 1:1-2:3
18th September 2018 Creation From Saul to Paul Acts 9:1-19; Cor 5:17
25th September 2018 Koinonia A friend for Adam  Genesis 2
2nd October 2018 Koinonia A New Community  Acts 2
9th October 2018 Wisdom Adam and Eve Genesis 3
16th October 2018 Wisdom Ten young Girls  Matt 25:1-13


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