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Class 9

Welcome to Class 9! 

    Welcome back after the October Half Term break. This Autumn term is a very busy and exciting one for Year 4. We are going to be learning lots of exciting things. 


In RE we will be covering the topic of "Light",focusing on advent and how it is special to Christians as a time of looking forward to the birth of Jesus. It will be a time when we can find some calm amidst the busyness of the Christmas season.


We have really enjoyed taking part in the Votes for Schools project within our PSHE lessons! This has already proved an exciting way for the children to find out about one of our key British Value: democratic elections! Each week there is a topic to focus on that is current in the news. The children have chance to discuss it and cast their votes.


In our Literacy lessons we will be working hard to improve our reading, writing and spelling skills. We will be focusing on Non- Fiction and fiction writing, starting with journalistic writing and newspapers, before looking at instructional writing. We will end the term by looking at play scripts and their special features. 


In Mathematics, we will be looking at Number and Place Value. We will count in different multiples as well as solving problems using multiplication and division. We will also be building on our understanding of fractions: equivalents, comparing them to decimals and solving fraction problems. By the end of Year 4 all pupils should know their times-tables to 12 x 12, so we will be working on this throughout the year! 


Our topic in Science is all about Teeth and Eating. We will learn about our digestive system and how this links to a healthy diet. Alongside this, we will investigate how different animal groups have different teeth and why this is so. 


We will be carrying on our History topic so that we understand who ruled in England after the Anglo Saxons. This will mean we focus on the Vikings! We will find out about when they came and why they were attracted to Britain. Were the Vikings as fierce as some people think? We will find out!

In Art we will be learning about portraits; especially those by the British Artist David Hockney. Look out for some amazing art work on our Y4 class pages!


We will continue to use Purple Mash to support our Computing work: both in terms of skills development as well as topic application.


In Class 9 we have outdoor PE with Mr Hawthorne on Wednesday, so please make sure your full kit is in school for the week. Along side this, we will be swimming on Thursday. Please make sure you have your kit, including a swimming cap, with you on Thursdays!


We will continue to have French and music lessons on Tuesday morning. smiley

Mrs Mavers is here to help us, especially during our Maths and English lessons. We are very lucky to have her!



Any written or maths homework will be given out on FRIDAY for the following WEDNESDAY.

Spellings will be given out on WEDNESDAY for a test the following WEDNESDAY.

TIMES TABLES will be given out and tested on FRIDAYS 


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