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 Welcome to Class 6's page. Here you can find out about all the topics we will be studying each term and any important notices. We will also upload lots of pictures for you to see of the children working hard and enjoying their learning. If you have any questions about Year 2, please don't hesitate to contact us or see us after school. Please read below about all of the exciting things we have planned for this term. Mrs Duckworth and Mrs Corcoran.




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In English we will be studying traditional tales. We will develop our understanding of how to plan and write our own stories and traditional tales using exciting descriptions. We will develop our vocabulary during our word level lessons and develop our grammar and punctuation. During our sentence level lessons this term we will be focusing on correct use of capital letters and full stops, question and exclamation marks as well as nouns, verbs and adjectives. After half term, we will be studying poetry and writing lots of shape poems. We will study how the shape represents the subject and use previous knowledge of adjectives and expanded noun phrases to add description to our poems.

In Mathematics we will be focusing on developing our number skills. We will be learning to count forwards and backwards in steps of 2, 3, 5 and 10 from any given number. We will be using number lines and number squares. We will be partitioning and ordering two and three digit numbers. Later this term, we will use our knowledge of the five times table to record the time. We will learning how to apply a range of methods when using the four basic operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division). Finally, we will be spending some time applying our knowledge when problem solving.  Mental maths tests and times tables tests are every Tuesday.  It is really important that the children learn their tables and have rapid recall. This skill will help them in all other areas of their Maths lessons. I will send the results of their tests home each week in their diaries along with their spelling tests results. Sometimes the children will also be set homework on My Maths which will also need to be completed as this will consolidate skills that they have learnt during the week. As well as this the children will be given a Maths practise book which will enable you to see what the children have been focusing on in class and give further practise to consolidate their understanding. 

For Science this term we will study 'Materials'. During this unit, the children will be studying a range of materials and their uses. They will design and make an outfit for a particular season and this will link to both Geography and DT. This is a really exciting topic that I'm sure the children will enjoy.


In RE our unit of study will be 'Christmas'. During this unit of work the children will be learning about why the birth of Jesus was such Good News. We will discuss how good news is delivered, share our own good news and keep a good news board in class. As well as this unit of work the children will be preparing for our Christmas Collective Worship.  The Christian values linked to this unit of work are: Hope and Love. 


We have French lessons every Monday. We will have a French teacher visit our class every week to teach us. Miss Wikeley will also be teaching us Music on a Monday afternoon. 


The children will have a PE lesson with Mrs Duckworth on a Monday. Then on Wednesday, Mr. Hawthorne will be teaching Year 2 PE. Please ensure that your child's PE kit is in school and has their name clearly labelled on all items.


We are lucky to have three helpers in Year 2. They are: Miss Roberts, Mrs Bone and Mrs Birchall. They help us with our work and we love having them in class. 


Important things to remember:

Homework is given every week. It will be sent home on Wednesday and needs to be returned the following Wednesday. On certain occasions we will set extra homework. This may be connected to our History or Geography topic or other topics of study.

We will have our spelling test and times tables test on Tuesday and new spellings for the next week are given on the same day. Therefore spelling diaries need to be in school every Tuesday to ensure your child has their spellings for the next test. We will also write your child's spelling test and times tables test result in their diary to inform you of their progress each week.

We now have a new system for changing our Reading books. 
As from Monday 6th November, each child will be put into a guided reading group. Each group will work with the class teacher on a particular day of the week and their guided reading book will be sent home with a short task to complete for the following week’s session. This will be usually be reading ahead or finding some information in the text.

In addition to this and on the same day, your child will then choose their own home reading books which will be at the same level as their guided reading book. We want to develop the children’s love of reading and independence when selecting books. We feel that this system will allow for this to happen. Your child might select the same book more than once. If they bring the same book home, ask the children why they have particularly enjoyed this book and chosen it again as this shows that they are developing an enjoyment of a particular genre. The teacher will not discourage the children from taking the same book home.

The children will be told which day their guided reading session will be on and that will be the day that their books change each week. Therefore they will receive three books on this day – one guided reading book and two of their own choice. Please see their home reader comment for their given task each week.


The children are now also allowed to choose their own library books throughout the week. These books are for the children to read at their own pace and leisure. Please make sure your child brings their book in if they want to change it.

If you have any problems or questions please see me at the end of the day or telephone the school and leave a message. I will return your call as soon as possible.


As you can see we have lots of things planned for this half term. Keep checking our class page for more information about our future topics and events.


Thank you,


Mrs Duckworth and Mrs Corcoran






Important dates to remember:



School Term Dates 2017/18


Autumn Term 2017

INSET: Monday 4th September 2017
INSET: Tuesday 5th September 2017
Starts: Wednesday 6th September 2017
Half Term: Monday 23rd to Friday 27th October 2017

Bridge Chapel - Christmas Journey - Friday 1st December

KS 1 Christmas Performance - Friday 15th December - AM and PM.
Ends: Thursday 21st December 2017


Spring Term 2018

Starts: Monday 8th January 2018
Half Term: Monday 12th to Friday 16th February 2018

Maritime Museum Trip - Friday 23rd January
Ends: Friday 23rd March 2018


Summer Term 2018

Starts: Monday 9th April 2018
May Day: Monday 7th May 2018
Half Term: Monday 28th May to Friday 1st June 2018

INSET: Monday 4th June 2018

Barnstondale Trip Wednesday 6th June to Friday 8th June.
Ends: Friday 20th July 2018
INSET: Monday 23rd July 2018

INSET: Tuesday 24th July 2018









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