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Class 4

smiley Welcome to Class 4! smiley


Our teacher is Miss Gronow.

We are very lucky to have Mrs Mills, Mrs Hunter and Mrs Harris helping us in our class.


Please be aware that there was no MyMaths homework set this week (6th - 13th February).


We have PE with Mr Hawthorne on a Tuesday and PE with Miss Gronow on a Friday.


Please ensure that PE kits are in school and have your child's name clearly labelled on every item.



Homework, home reading and spellings


Please ensure your child has their reading folder, with their reading book and reading record, in school every day. Your child will have their book changed once a week. You will be informed which day your child’s book will be changed.


Your child will have a spelling test every Tuesday. Homework folders and spelling diaries must be handed in on Tuesday so we can update them with their latest test score and new spellings.


Your child's spelling test scores can be found on each spelling list. If the spelling diary has not been handed in, we are unable to record their attained scores and your child's new spellings will be given on a separate piece of paper.


We will remind the children every morning to take their reading folders, homework folders and any letters or forms out of their bag. Please remind your child that these must be handed in.


Every Wednesday your child will receive the new set of spellings. Your child may also receive a piece of handwriting practice or a piece of maths homework, set on MyMaths, to be completed for the following Tuesday.

We really enjoy our PE lessons!

We really enjoy our PE lessons! 1
We really enjoy our PE lessons! 2
We really enjoy our PE lessons! 3

Class 4 love to read!

Look at us having so much fun in the snow!

Festive Fun in Year 1!


This week was very exciting in Class 4! We had a very special visitor who left a trail of frosty, white footprints in our classroom. They led to a very special parcel that was addressed to us!  We opened this parcel to discover that Father Christmas had written a letter. He asked us if we wanted to video call him using our Year 1 Santa Cam... so we did! Santa gave us a very special job to design a new sleigh. We had so much fun designing, making and evaluating! 

Sending our Christmas lists to Father Christmas


In our English lessons, we have been looking at writing lists. We have discussed where we have seen lists and why people use lists. We have even written a to-do list for Miss Gronow! 

On Monday 19th November, we came into school to find a post box outside our classroom. We had no idea why it was there or what we were going to do with it. Our teacher then asked us,


'Why do some children write lists at this time of year?' 


We got very excited as we knew the answer and we finally understood why there was a post box. We were going to write a Christmas list to send to Father Christmas!

We planned our lists very carefully, thinking of toys, games and chocolate. Then, we thought about the things we wanted that money can't buy, such as happiness and peace.


We wrote our lists using our best handwriting and decorated them with drawings. 


Look at us posting our letters to Father Christmas!



We really enjoy our computing lessons in Class 4. We get to use the iPads or tablets and we work with our friends to develop our computing skills.

Remembrance Day


We have been learning all about Remembrance Day. We watched a short animation and discussed the significance of the poppy. We then created our own poppies out of tissue paper. As a class, we created a poppy mosaic out of lasagne! We painted the lasagne sheets and then broke them into little pieces to make mosaic tiles.

The Pig of Happiness

Picture 1 Look at our brilliant drawings!
Picture 2 How can you be like the 'Pig of Happiness'?
We have been thinking of ways to be our 'Best Selves' and 'Super Selfers'. We watched the video 'The Pig of Happiness' and thought of ways we could spread happiness.