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Class 3


In Class 3 our teachers are Miss Vaga and Mrs Renison. We are very lucky to have Mrs Mills and Mrs Harvey helping us too! 


Summer Term


In our English lessons, we will be focusing on three main genres:

- Recounts

-Information texts

- Stories with a fantasy setting


In our spelling, punctuation and grammar lessons (SPaG), we are focusing on:

- Joining words and joining clauses using the word 'and'

- Punctuating sentences using a capital letter and a full stop, question mark or an exclamation mark

- Using a capital letter for names, for the personal pronoun 'I', for the days of the week and for the months of the year

- Adding 's' or 'es' to make a word plural

- Creating and using compound words


In Mathematics, we are focusing on:

- Understanding language associated with measurement - length, mass and capacity

-Sequencing - Days of the week, months of the year, time

- Starting to tell the time

- Recognise and name common 2D shapes

- Recognise and name common 3D shapes

- Describe position, direction and movement

- Counting to and across 100, forwards and backwards, from any given number

- One more or one less of any given number



In Science, we are continuing our topic of 'Plants'. Hopefully, if the weather permits, we will be able to grow some plants of our own!


In RE, we are focusing on:

- Exploring my world and Jesus' world
- The events after Easter


In Geography, we are focusing on 'Where are we?':

- Studying the geography of our school

- Studying the key human and physical features of our school environment

- Understand where we are - our school, our city, our country, our island


In History, we are finishing our topic on Neil Armstrong and looking at The Terracotta Warriors.


In Computing, we are focusing on the following:

- Understanding algorithms through unplugged activities

- Using PurpleMash for simple algorithms and coding 


In Art, we are creating our very own Terracotta Warriors out of clay.



Our page will be regularly updated with information (and of course lots of pictures!) So make sure you check-in regularly! 










Class 3's New Years resolution is to keep our bodies as fit as possible.

Class 3's New Years resolution is to keep our bodies as fit as possible. 1
Class 3's New Years resolution is to keep our bodies as fit as possible. 2

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